Use WFFM with SXA in Sitecore

Recently I had a task to integrate a WFFM (Web Forms For Marketers) in the website which is developed using SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator). While completing this task, I had my issues to face and finally I am done with the form. So, I thought to document it for others to help and save their time. So, following they are.

  1. Install WFFM module on the Sitecore instance. Choose appropriate version of WFFM according to your Sitecore version.
  2. Complete the post installation steps for WFFM.
  3. Browse to Content Editor and expand to the page item where you want to insert the form, or create a new page at appropriate location.
  4. Open that page in the Experience Editor.
  5. Add “Form wrapper” component which is supplied by SXA.
  6. This “Form wrapper” component will add a new dynamic place holder name “mvcform-1” to the page.
  7. Select that “mvcform-1” placeholder and click “Add here” to get the rendering selection dialog.
  8. In the dialog, an “Mvc Form” component will be available for selection. Select that component and add it to the placeholder.
  9. When you add the “Mvc Form” component to the page it will come up with the “Insert Form” dialog which is provided and powered WFFM module.
  10. For this example, I’ll select “Create a blank form” and click “Next”.
  11. On the “Form Name” step, provide appropriate name for the form. Here I’ve provided “contact-us”. Click “Next”.
  12. The “Confirmation” screen will give you the summary about form name, in which placeholder it will be added and the path where it will be created.
  13. Click “Create” button to create the form.
  14. Once the form is created you will be presented with the floating toolbar for the “Mvc Form”.
  15. Click the Edit button as show in the above image to form the WFFM form designer.
  16. Using the form designer when you try to add your first field, you might get an error message of “Collection is read-only”. To fix this issue, complete below steps.
    1. Install the support package provided by Sitecore to fix this issue which is available at
    2. Or, go to Content Editor.
    3. Find the form you just created. In case of site based on SXA, it will be available under “Data > Forms” node for the site.
    4. Right click the form name and click Insert > Form Section.
    5. Provide any name you wish. Here I used “fields” as the section name.
    6. Re open the form in form designer to take changes in effect.
  17. Create all required fields, add validations, add error messages, associate save actions to the form using form designer.
  18. Click “Save/Close” to apply changes and close the form designer.
  19. Once the form designer dialog will close, the page will be refreshed and you will be able to see the form with fields on the page.

This is all about WFFM with SXA!!!

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