Sitecore Marketplace: Icon Finder

The icon finder module gives administrators or developer an ease of selecting the icons during setting up the information architecture. We all know that Sitecore allows assigning different icons to different items we create in the content tree. However, the OOTB icons selector dialog does not provide us the search facility and hence we have to go through all the icons one by one or have to find the path from somewhere else and then have to set in the icon path text box to use the desired icon.

Using the Icon Finder module, administrator or developer can search for the icon and select the desired icon very easily.

This module is developed using ASP.NET MVC pattern + semantic-ui front-end framework.

So, how that looks like?

  1. The default load of the dialog – The following image shows you how the icon finder dialog looks like when you install the module and load it through Content Editor.
  2. Default icons loaded – The following image shows the default set of icons loaded (Office icons) when you click on ‘Icons’ tab.
  3. Search – The following image shows you about how you can search for the icons using search box available on the right-hand side in the dialog.
  4. Search filters – The following image shows you how you can event further refine your search results using the filter option available
  5. Selected icon – The following image shows you how you can get a visibility about which I can you have selected by showing the selected icon beside the Icon text box. This will give you a very good option while roaming around to find another icon and by giving you the visibility of your selected icon.

How to use the module:

  1. Download and install the ICON FINDER module from Sitecore market place.
  2. Once you have installed the module, let the hook written for extracting all the icon zip file to finish nearly in 2-3 minutes. I’ve included most of all the icon zip files given by Sitecore and hence it takes the time to extract them and build the items which are used by Icon Finder dialog.
  3. Select any item and go for changing the icon and you will find the new Icon Finder dialog.

Enjoy the icon finding.

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