Types of templates in Sitecore

There are five types of templates which are outlined by Sitecore architects. The five types are:

  • Interface templates: These templates correspond to an interface within C#; a template used to map data in Sitecore into objects within your code. It is a common practice to denote Interface templates by prepending an underscore in front of the template name, e.g., _LinkMenuItem.
  • Page type templates: A page within your site; these templates are derived from one or more interface templates for its data, but in addition, contain presentation details, such as layout, for rendering purposes. These templates should never have any fields directly on the template nor be referenced by code; they are only for building pages.
  • Datasource templates: These templates are referenced by components as their data source; they derive from interface templates but contain neither presentation details nor fields. Additionally, they are never referenced from code.
  • Settings templates: There templates contain data used for site settings, business rules, dictionaries, and so forth.
  • Folder templates: These templates are used for folders; mainly they enable reuse of a folder’s set of insert options to maintain which items can be created in the folder.

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